#2 with @Childermass4


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In this episode, Nick talks to @Childermass4 about the value of magical thinking, the importance of emotional connection during covid19, the meaning of love, how to empathize better, the dangers of philosophy, how Christianity might be a cope, and so much more.

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2:00 Growing out of childhood

3:30 The role of philosophy

4:50 On being Estonian

8:00 Returning to religion

10:30 On Magical Thinking

16:00 Camus, age, and the role of philosophy

21:00 Why we need an ontology

21:30 Living with passion

25:30 Having confidence in your ideas

29:00 The importance of emotional connection under Covid-19

33:00 What is love?

37:00 How discarded ideas help us empathize

38:30 The dangers of misusing philosophy

43:00 Christianity as a cope