#14 @Liminal_Warmth on Woo, Women, and Warcraft


This week listen to my interview with the wonderful @liminal_warmth!

We talk about

  • Limm’s Podcast, Chaotic Thinking

  • How should we think about Magic?

  • Why isn’t Magic taken very seriously?

  • The dangers of pursuing both Enlightenment and Magic

  • Transitioning and Limm’s post-transition lived experience

  • Society’s lopsided approach to gender issues

  • Limm’s new desert base

  • UFOs and Aliens

  • What we should know about getting into writing

  • Video games, especially World of Warcraft

and much more

We hope you enjoy!


Mentioned on this episode:

Chaotic Thinking by Liminal Warmth

LiminalWarmth.com by Liminal Warmth

Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha by Daniel Ingram