#15 @Visakanv on Language, Relationships, and Attention


I am joined by the incredible @Visakanv, author of Friendly Ambitious Nerd, blogger, youtuber, infovore, and an absolutely prolific writer.

This one is a MUST-listen. It was such a pleasure to see Visa’s gears turning as I threw wave after wave of questions at him.

  • How do you get an audience with a king?

  • How can being an outsider make you stronger?

  • How do we nourish long-term relationships?

  • What have Visa's spiritual or psychedelic experiences been like?

  • What is the biggest difficulty in Visa's life right now?

  • How can you create your own structure to produce what you love?

  • Why and how should we practice unlearning?

We discuss Visa’s relationship with his wife, his relationship to music, thinking about thinking, and a TON of other topics.

Tune in, you’re in for a treat.



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Friendly Ambitious Nerd


Radiohead - OK Computer

Tim Minchin - If I Didn’t Have You

Lewis Thomas - The Lives of a Cell