#17 @TeddyRaccovelt on Ideology, Worship, and The Human Condition


Theodore ‘Teddy’ Raccovelt aka @TeddyRaccovelt, writer of The Bully Pulpit, joins me to shoot the shit while talking about every important topic there is.

We discuss!

  • Satire

  • America’s demented Congress

  • The purpose of suffering

  • Why being High IQ is problematic

  • Why imperialism is good

  • How Jesus is the biggest loser

  • Why both rationalists and post-rationalists are mentally ill

  • What feminism gets wrong

  • Why people should have babies

  • Polyamory, Marxism, Capitalism, the Social Sciences, G.K. Chesterton, Jordan Peterson,

:breathes: and, like, a LOT more.

This is a thicc, thicc episode you do not want to miss.

Much Love

—The Nickerino

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