Apr 28, 2021 • 1HR 18M

#18 @Lithros on Family, Law, and Ethics

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Living better through philosophy
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Scott ‘Lithros’ Hansen does a deep dive on family and fantasy, ethics and ethos, morality and moloch. He answers questions like:

  • What is a Lithros?

  • Is it horrible to start a family?

  • Is it good that parents are miserable?

  • What is the problem with law school?

  • Why should anyone learn about ethics?

  • Why is knowing things is arrogant?

  • How does ethics allow you to do immoral acts?

  • Why is justice bad?

  • Is it important to be evil?

  • What media is the cornerstone of your personal ethical framework?

  • Why is fiction is better than nonfiction if you want to understand morality and ethics?

  • What is Law, its purpose, and what is the role of force in law?

  • How does power work in society? How would should respond to it?

  • What was the result of the 17th amendment and what should we do about it?
    How might senility affect the political process?

Scott is brilliant and attacks my questions with incredible force!



P.S. Make sure you listen to the end ;)

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