Becoming Creature
Becoming Creature
#19 Tasshin Fogleman on Awareness, Sex, and Buddhism

#19 Tasshin Fogleman on Awareness, Sex, and Buddhism

In my first-ever uncut, unedited, unaltered episode I pursue the present with Tasshin Fogleman. You can follow Tasshin on twitter @tasshinfogleman and read his writing on his website

This is the first episode I’ve ever done with no notes or preparation. I challenged James Stuber to do a video that was more difficult for him than usual which he completed on his youtube channel. I loved seeing James tackle this, and decided to do the same in this most fitting of contexts. It was an interesting challenge, and it was deeply rewarding for me and, I hope, very entertaining for Tasshin.

In this episode we cover:

  • The phenomenology of meditation

  • The practice of interviewing

  • What was it like to be at a monastic academy

  • How does Buddhism need to adapt to modern problems?

  • Why might Buddhists need a teacher? What’s wrong with solo practice?

  • How does someone find a mentor?

  • What can someone do to have a better relationship with the sexuality?

  • How should one think of sexual desire from a Buddhist perspective?

  • Does the ultimate success of Buddhism mean the annihilation of the human species?

  • Tasshin responds to @teddyraccovelt’s claim that suffering is required for a human, meaningful life

  • How does one approach the concept of productivity in a way that is more humane and less dehumanizing?