#4 @Kehwho on Culture, Nature, and Embodiment


In this episode of A Becoming Creature, Nick talks to Kay (@kehwho) aka Jimmy Buckets about SO MUCH.

We talk about

  • the difficulties of acclimation after immigration

  • developing embodiment

  • appreciating your ancestors

  • developing a relationship with nature

  • returning to small intimate communities

  • relying on your intuition

  • engrossing yourself in culture

  • and much much more

Thank you for listening. We hope you enjoy!



2:10 Immigration and acclimation

9:00 Anxiety and embodiment

11:00 The danger of identification

14:15 Operating through recognition

14:30 What we say creates our world

15:10 Appreciating your ancestors

19:00 Occult sciences, magic, and embodied relationships

20:40 Communion with nature, and how culture reflects the environment

23:20 Returning to intimate communities

25:00 Alignment of purpose

27:00 Zero to one, chaos and order, masculine and feminine

28:00 The power of belief and words

28:40 Balancing doing and being

32:00 Relying on your intuition

35:00 The importance of giving a sacred offering

37:00 How to use doubt to serve you

40:10 How to experience nature through culture

44:20 How language shapes our world