#5 @HarveyKrishna_ on Dance, Psychedelics, and Healing


In this episode of A Becoming Creature, Nick talks to Harvey (@HarveyKrishna_) about

  • Psychedelics

  • Spiritual healing

  • Slowing down

  • Cultivating wonder

  • Dance

  • Non-attachment

  • Pursuit of joy

  • The metatribe

  • Nature and travel

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1:15 Why Krishna?

2:30 Cacao and San Marcos

7:00 San Marcos Meditation Disney World

9:45 Casual vs. purpose-driven psychedelics

12:15 Life difficulties and recovering from downward spiral

15:10 Slowing down

21:30 Movement, dance, and improvisation

29:30 Healthy non-attachment

31:45 Pursuing joy and crowding out insecurity

34:45 Belonging, becoming, and beyond

39:45 Metatribe

44:15 Nature, volcanoes, guatemala, and Philosophers on Twitch playing Flight Simulator

47:45 Travel

49:45 Put the book down