Dec 30, 2020 • 51M

#7 @KendricTonn on The Artistic Process, How to See, and Taking Big Risks

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Living better through philosophy
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On this episode of A Becoming Creature, Nick talks to oil painter Kendric Tonn (@kendrictonn) about:

  • The life of an artist

  • The process of creation

  • How to see like an artist

  • Taking big life risks

  • Developing the habit of doing

  • and so much more

Mentioned in this episode:

Kendric’s Documentary

Florence Academy of Art

Perseus Sculpture

Artist: Patrick Burke

Artist: E.S. Barkin

Find more from Kendric at:

His website, Nyx Gallery, and Brandt-Roberts Galleries



2:40 Genitalia in art

4:15 The art of controlling attention

6:00 Art as an expression of the Platonic

10:00 Kendric’s route to becoming a professional artist

15:30 How to start important things

18:30 Art as Pursuit

20:00 Deep Focus

21:30 How to decide on a project

22:20 Art as a struggle

23:00 Being an artist isn’t just one job

25:10 How does it feel to part with an art piece?

26:30 Developing the habit of Doing

28:00 Kendric the Hotelier and AirBnB disaster stories

32:35 “A stranger and afraid in a world we never made”

34:05 Where does meaning fit in with your art?

36:40 Expressing common feelings in art

38:15 What’s wrong with “Classics” in literature?

39:40 The social side of artistry

42:00 Cultivating deep focus

44:30 How to see like an artist

47:15 Artistic mediums

48:30 Artists to watch