#6 @MichaelCurzi on The Psychic War, Phenomenology, and Natural Action (Happy Holidays!)


Happy holidays!

In this special Holiday episode of A Becoming Creature, Nick talks to Michael Curzi (@michaelcurzi) about:

  • The Psychic War

  • The Moustache

  • Self Sacrifice

  • Phenomenology

  • Meditation

  • Disassociation

  • Separation

  • Splintered Minds

  • Michael GRILLS ME

and much more

We hope you have a happy holiday!


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Movie: The Family Man

Person: Friedrich Hayek

Person: Eugene Gendlin

Youtube: David Bowie on why you should Never Play to the Gallery

Book: Hero with a Thousand Faces


1:15 Christmas

5:40 Capitalism

16:30 The holidays after an insular year

20:00 A year of disconnection

25:00 The psychic war and consumerism

29:00 When your expectations are violated

30:50 Eigenrobot asks about The Moustache

34:00 Self Sacrifice and Samurai

37:40 Rival Voices asks about himself

39:10 PrinceVogel asks about Phenomenology

43:10 Meditation

44:30 Withdrawal, Return, and Disassociation

47:10 The value of Separation

49:00 Splintered Minds

51:30 Shaping one’s soul, Doing vs Contemplating

54:40 Openness

58:00 Deeper levels of meaning

1:04:00 Proper attention, proper action

1:05:00 Grill me!

1:11:00 Heroic Sincerity, Mastery, and Skill

1:14:00 Quality and Natural Action