Jan 2, 2021 • 57M

#8 @M_Ashcroft on Health, Awareness, and Innovation (Happy New Year!)

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Interviewing beautiful minds.
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Happy New Year!

In this special episode of A Becoming Creature, Nick talks to Michael Ashcroft (@M_Ashcroft) about:

and much more

Have an excellent New Year!


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1:50 Michael’s 3-day water fast, keto, and health

8:50 Supplements and herbals

10:20 Pine needle tea

12:00 David Perell and Tiago Forte’s Write of Passage

17:00 Finding your Niche, architect vs. archaeologist

19:50 ‘Clock of the Long Now’ and the long-term perspective

21:30 What are you most excited about in energy innovation?

24:20 Climate Change

26:25 Alexander Technique Introduction

30:30 Breaking the reactive loop and renewing presence

32:20 Alexander Technique

35:40 John G Bennett’s Creative Thinking and Gendlin Focusing

39:00 Is AT Magic?

41:40 Alternatives to coercion

46:00 Clear intentions held lightly

51:10 Accessing playfulness

53:20 Michael’s BALs and youtube growth