Jan 10, 2021 • 1HR 7M

#9 @MaybeGray on Law, Sexuality, and Emotions

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Living better through philosophy
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Nick talks to @MaybeGray about sexuality, relationships, sex positivity, the legal system, and what it was like going to clown school.

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We cover

  • Being a Clown

  • Canadian Law

  • Emotions

  • Relationships

  • Eroticism and Intimacy

  • Sex Positivity

  • Hookup culture and consent

  • Onlyfans and how people relate to porn

  • Embodiment

  • Physical and emotional masks

and much more

We hope you enjoy!


Mentioned in this episode:


1:10 Clown Workshop

3:40 Baker vs. Canada

7:40 The messiness and robustness of law

12:20 Are the legal system’s flaws essential?

14:30 Emotions, and overcoming negativity

17:50 The importance of connection and the end of numbness

20:45 Eroticism versus Intimacy

24:45 What is the interplay between commitment and autonomy?

29:45 The monogamy ‘contract’ and polyamorous freedom

33:20 Sex positivity and the danger of taboo

37:15 Moving away from a culture of hookups

41:10 Consent discourse

44:40 Is consent a guardrail for dangerous situations?

47:15 What do guys need to know about sex and dating?

50:55 Onlyfans, masturbation, and porn

53:10 Clown dancing drills and embodiment

58:50 Clown dancing drills and embodiment

1:02:30 The masks we wear and fluidity

1:04:55 Interintellect Salon