#3 @ForShaper on Developing Trust and Accessing Love


In this episode of A Becoming Creature, Nick talks to Ray (@forshaper) about his non-profit Foretrek. We talk about comfort play, egregores, and the relationships between violence, intimacy, and rhythm. We also discuss God as a romantic experience, Sufism, global love, and so much more.

To support Ray’s work please visit Foretrek.

Learn more about the pioneer of comfort play, Kelly Quinnett.

We also mention Sohbet, which is a good place to begin learning about Sufism.

Thank you for listening. We hope you enjoy!


1:00 Comfort play, empathy, and trust

9:50 What are egregores?

14:00 Exploring the conflict in violence and intimacy

16:30 Personal experience with conflict and violence

27:30 The relationship between violence and rhythm

28:30 Interpreting life as rhythm

33:00 The importance of Sufism as a practice

36:30 Global love and God as a romantic experience

39:30 Advice on how to experience global love

43:30 Recommended reading

45:30 How to begin practicing comfort play